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Scheduling Conferences

This page provides basic information on what is required to schedule a videoconference using equipment in south western Sydney. This includes videoconferencing, webinars and teleconferences and the South Western Sydney Clinical School implementation of Zoom web conferencing. 

What kind of conference are you running? 

There is a range of conferencing type events that can be facilitated using existing equipment: 
  • Videoconferencing allows people in two or more locations to see and hear each other in real time. Participants can also use a computer or electronic whiteboard to share information between the participants. Participants can access videoconferences in south western Sydney using videoconference units or via computers or mobile devices.
  • Webinars allow a host to broadcast an event across the internet. Webinars usually offer limited opportunities for interaction by those watching the event.
  • Teleconferences can also be facilitated using UNSW videoconference equipment installed across south western Sydney. 

Why use conferencing? 

  • Reduce travel time and expense. 
  • Attend meetings, inservices and training. 
  • Share resources. 
  • Provide professional development opportunities. 

Identify the players

  • Who is the host of the meeting? 
  • Who is participating in the event? 
  • What level of interaction will be required? 
  • Do participants have access to videoconference equipment?

Booking a venue

Videoconference units are available in a variety of locations across south western Sydney. Please book the appropriate room with the local administrator of that space in order to gain access to conferencing.
Bankstown Clinical School, Level 2 8738384492@
  Conference Room 2, Level 4 8738384493@
  Auditorium, Level 4 (LHD)
  Conference Room 3, Level 4 (LHD)
Bowral Boardroom (LHD)
Braeside Education Centre 8738384494@
Camden Conference Room (LHD)
  Harry Potter Room (LHD)
Campbelltown Cancer Therapy Centre (UWS)
  Macarthur Clinical School (UWS)
  Auditorium (LHD)
  Library (LHD)
Fairfield Boardroom, Level 1 8738384496@
Ingham Institute Meeting Room, Level 2 8738384490@
  Meeting Room, Level 3 8738384491@
  Meeting Room, Level 4 (Zoom Room) 8738384472@
Liverpool 3139A, Clinical Building 8738384483@
  4147, Clinical Building 8738384484@
  5151, Clinical Building 8738384485@
  Auditorium, Education Centre 8738384480@
  Auditorium, Education Centre [LHD] TBC
  Chief of Staff, Clinical School 8738384486@
  Conference Room 2, Education Centre 8738384481@
  Mobile Unit 8738384489@
  Seminar Room 3, Education Centre 8738384482@
  Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre 8738384488@
  Theatre 6, Clinical Building 8738384487@
  O&G Meeting Room (Zoom Room) 8738384474@
  Debrief 1 (Zoom Room) 8738384475@
  Collaboration Space (Zoom Room) 8738384473@

One to One Calls

A videoconference between two locations is usually very simple to arrange. Simply go to the venue and dial the other party using either the alias in the table above or the address book on a UNSW unit. If the other party is outside SWS, then you will need to obtain an IP address or alias for that unit in advance. 


Many NSW Health videoconference units are behind firewalls. If you have an IP address that starts with a 10.*.*.* or 192.*.*.* - the unit is likely behind a firewall. You will need to contact local IT support for that unit and obtain an alias which allows you to navigate the firewall. The alias will look something like 1234567@


UNSW does not support calls to ISDN numbers (i.e. numbers that look like a phone number). Attempts to call a phone number from UNSW units will be rejected. 

Calling Multiple Sites (Zoom Bridge)

South Western Sydney Clinical School utilises Zoom to allow participants to dial to multiple locations and to allow people using desktop computers and mobile devices to access videoconferences. A number of dedicated Zoom bookings are available for regular events with their details below. Full login details are available in the invitation which requires users to login to obtain. 
Adhoc Videoconference 1 8738384401@ Invitation
Adhoc Videoconference 2 8738384402@ Invitation
Adhoc Videoconference 3 8738384403@ Invitation
Pancreatology 8738384432@ Invitation
Psychooncology 8738384431@ Invitation
Simpson Centre 8738384430@ Invitation
STREAM Health 8738384434@


EML Laboratory 8738384435@ Invitation
Conferences are set to autoanswer and do not require a host to commence. 
Please contact the School at to obtain a password if you are employed at SWSLHD and do not have access to these invitations.


Are you hosting an event with a large number of participants where audience control is paramount or you want to broadcast with limited or no interaction from the audience? The School's Zoom implementation also allows this with up to 100 participants able to join with a broadcasting host computer and a panelist able to utilise a videoconference unit on the UNSW network. 
To allow users to watch your event, please contact the School to schedule your webinar using one of the prebooked webinar accounts.
Seminars 761947750@ Invitation
Teaching 946725718@ Invitation
To operate a webinar, the host computer - which will either be the main presenting computer or someone hosting who is presenting, requires the Zoom webinar account to be installed on their computer. More informaion will be provided when a booking is made.
Note, any user joining from a H323 in-room videoconference unit will be a panelist on the call and should mute their audio if not presenting. 
Please contact the School at to obtain a password if you are employed at SWSLHD and do not have access to these invitations.


Zoom can also be utilised for VOIP teleconferences using the existing videoconference units, Zoom applications on PC, Mac or mobile apps or via telephone. 
Instructions for access are available using the information and invitations below (users must log in to obtain the invitation details).
Adhoc Teleconference 1 8738384440@ Invitation
Adhoc Teleconference 2 8738384441@ Invitation
Please contact the School at to obtain a password if you are employed at SWSLHD and do not have access to these invitations.

Technical Support

Please note, UNSW does not provide technical support for your videoconference. You need to ensure you understand how the equipment works prior to your event. Instructions on basic operation of the UNSW units are available in a poster in all venues including how to connect a computer and share content during the conference.

Key Contacts

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