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Welcome to the South Western Sydney Clinical School of UNSW Australia. We are delighted you have joined one of the leading teaching and research universities in Australia. In joining the South Western Sydney Clinical School you join one of the fastest growing health precincts in the country. The School aims to further grow our academic output by developing the training programs provided to both our MD Program and Postgraduate students and building on the already strong growth in research publications and grants in south western Sydney along with our partners at the South Western Sydney Local Health District and the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research.

We trust the information will help you in setting in, but if you have any queries don't hesitate to contact the School Office

myUNSW, the online staff and student portal has a comprehenisve UNSW Online Orientation program which will assist staff with the basics of starting work at the university. Much of the information relates to life on campus, so this site aims to provide additional information that will assist with working at the south western Sydney campuses. 

Staff Orientation

Completing HR Forms

A number of forms will be provided to you by either a HR Consultant, your School Office or your supervisor. You may have already completed and returned these before you started, or may be due to complete them in a meeting with your HR Consultant or School Office. These forms are available from Human Resources in the Faculty of Medicine if you have not yet received them: 

  • Tax form
  • Superannuation form
  • Entry on Duty form (HR2)
  • Your Profiles: EEO and DEST Data Collection which can be completed via myUNSW

Compulsory Training Courses

It is compulsory for all UNSW staff membes to complete the following training: 

  • WHS Awareness Training
    This course is designed to provide an introduction to the NSW workplace health and safety legislation and an overview of relevant systems, policies and procedures at UNSW.
  • EO Online
    It is also compulsory for all staff to explore and understand equal opportunity issues on campus through the self-paced learning program eOOline. Equity principles, terminology and application are explained through real life case studies and interactive learning techniques.

Your manager will also work with you to determine what the most appropriate training and orientation is to your position. Staff based at the Hospital or Ingham Institute sites will also need to undertake mandatory training required by these organisations including fire training.


Collecting Staff ID

UNSW issues ID cards to all students, staff and contractors for the purposes of identification, library borrowing and electronic building and room access on the main campus. If on campus, take your completed Staff ID Card Order Form (which must be signed by your manager) and proof of identity to FM Assist who will issue your Staff ID card. Because of the distance to campus, it is sometimes possible for the School to arrange for a Staff ID card to be issued and sent to the School Office; so please contact the School if you have any difficulties.



Parking can be an issue at the Liverpool and Bankstown-Lidcome Hospital campuses. UNSW staff at these sites can approach the Hospital parking services to apply for access to car parks on each site. You may need to join a waiting list. At Liverpool, staff can purchase five entry passes which allow reduced rate access to the multistorey car park for both staff and students. There is also a commuter car park at Warwick Farm station and a bus service from commuter car parking facilities provided by Liverpool Council. More information on parking is available for both: 

Public Transport

Transport Access Guides have been developed for local bus and rail access for each of the south western Sydney hospital campuses. Staff and students can access to plan their trip to the Hospital sites:

Hospital or Ingham Institute ID and Access

Staff who work on NSW Health or Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research property will need to obtain relevant ID and swipe card access for those sites. In some cases this will also include a requirement to have a criminial record check completed. The School can assist with obtaining the relevant ID and swipe card and forms are available at: 

  • Liverpool Hospital
  • Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital
  • Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research

These forms will need to be appropriately authorised by the School's Chief of Staff in order to be actioned by HR and Security at these sites. 


Getting Connected

Depending on where you will be based you may need access to UNSW or Local Health District computer systems. 

As a new staff member at UNSW you will receive a staff ID upon employment. You use this as your UNSW username with your zPass to access online resources at UNSW. Each staff member is automatically assigned a UNSW email address and UNSW Exchange mail account. At the south western Sydney campuses you will also have access to our free UniWide wireless service in various teaching and research facilities. For more information on UNSW IT services please visit the UNSW IT Service Catalogue. Your manager will work with the School to ensure the apppropriate IT facilities are available for your role and the Medicine Computer Support Unit has a team member based at Liverpool Hospital to help staff commencing in the south west.

Local Health District Access

In some roles it may be more important for an academic, research or administrative staff member to have access to the Local Health District (LHD) network and computer systems. In these cases, staff should contact the School to determine how best to have an account set up with the LHD.


Other Queries

The School is here to assist with any other issues with settling in. Contact us through the details on the Find Us page if you have any queries at all.

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