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South Western Sydney Clinical School (SWSCS) is committed to meet the requirements of the University’s Workplace Health and Safety Policy and implement the aims and strategies as outlined within that policy.

Laboratory Research

Health and Safety is central to both teaching and research activities in the south western Sydney teaching hospitals. The UNSW WHS Management System ensures that the School provides a systemic and uniform set of plans, actions and procedures in all matters pertaining to Workplace Health and Safety. The active participation and cooperation of staff and students ensures we have a safe and healthy working/studying environment. This website will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that critical information is available for our staff and students in a timely manner.

South Western Sydney Clinical School has an active H&S committee which meets four times a year. Committee members are listed below. Committee members represent their workgroup in health and safety matters. All members attend the UNSW 2-day Health and Safety Consultation Training. Committee members carry out annual workplace inspections. For full terms and conditions refer to the committee constitution in Related Documents.

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Any person who works in South Western Sydney Clinical School must be inducted into the school, and laboratory  where relevant, by their supervisor or delegate and complete health and safety training relevant to the type of work they will be doing.

If you identify a hazard that can be fixed easily, take action immediately (e.g. pick up a trip hazard/clean up a spill). Other hazards may take more planning and consultation to resolve. If there is immediate or significant danger to people, move people to a safer area and notify the relevant supervisor.

A range of information that all staff should know about Workplace Health and Safety at UNSW. 

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