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Current Projects

Current students are participating in projects in a variety of areas across the School. The following is a list of the current projects and their primary supervisors.

Student Project Primary Supervisor Discipline
ALBAYATI, Sinan Laparospic ventral rectopoxy for rectal prolapse: Long term outcomes and its impact on quality of life MORGAN, Matthew Gastroenterology
BADGE, Helen Improving services and outcomes for joint replacement recipients NAYLOR, Justine Orthopaedics
BATUMALAI, Vicki Utilisation of MRI in breast radiotherapy DELANEY, Geoff Oncology
BUHAGIAR, Mark Hospital inpatient vs home rehabiliation after total knee replacement NAYLOR, Justine Orthopaedics
BURGESS, Sonya Procedural and angiographic reatures predicting poor prognosis following percutaneous coronary intervention. An angiographic substudy of the prediction of ventricular arrhysthmias and prevention of suddent cardiac death following revascularised acute myocardial infarction study JUERGENS, Craig Cardiology
CALIC, Zeljka A prospective study to determine the causes of delay in presentation and diagnosis in patients with cerebella infarction CORDATO, Dennis Neurology
CHANG, Jeff Small intestinal permeability in inflammatory bowel disease LEONG, Rupert Gastroenterology
CHIA, Ee-May Echocardiography, cardiac physiology THOMAS, Liza Cardiology
CORTE, Crispin Improving the diagnostic yield of endoscopic investigations throughout the gastrointestinal tract LEONG, Rupert Gastroenterology
DO, Viet Estimate the survival benefits of first-line chemotherapy for selected solid malignancies BARTON, Michael Oncology
ETAHER, Aisha Acute coronary syndrome and primary care FRENCH, John Cardiology
FUNG, Matle Myocardial Interstitial Fibrosis - the pathophysiological mechanism underlying left ventricular (LV) dysfanction in common cardiac diseases LEUNG, Dominic Cardiology
HANNA, Tim The overall survival and local control benefit of external beam raditiona therapy for selected cancers BARTON, Michael Oncology
HO, Jennifer Host-pathogen interactions and disease severity in tuberculosis MARKS, Guy Respiratory
IDRIS, Hanan Clinical, invasive and non inasive factors affecting outcome in patients with acute coronary syndrome FRENCH, John Cardiology
JENKIN, Deanne Opioid use, dependence and complications following musculoskeletal trauma and surgery HARRIS, Ian Orthopaedics
JEON, Megan Determining the nature of sleep disturbance in patients with brain tumer and its etiological relationship with depression in a possible sympton cluster AGAR, Meera Palliative Care
KHATIB, Yasser Predictor of poor outcome after knee replacement surgery HARRIS, Ian Orthopaedics
KUMAR, Shivani Evaluating the impact of magnetic resonance imaging in radiotherapy for lung planning in lung cancer VINOD, Shalini Oncology
LAW, Eleanor Person-centred care across the cancer continuum GIRGIS, Afaf Psycho-Oncology
LIM, Stephanie Biomarkers in colorectal cancer DESOUZA, Paul Oncology
LO, Queenie Advanced echocardiographic techniques for the assessment of cardiac function in cardiomyopathies THOMAS, Liza Cardiology
LYNCH, Joan Acute respiratory distress syndrome ANEMAN, Anders ICU
MIN, Myo The role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in prediction of treatment response and post-treatment evaluation in mucosal primary head and neck cancer (MPHNC) LINEY, Gary Medical Imaging
MIRZAEI, Hadis Medical interpretation of confocal laser endomicroscopy images for diagnosis of coeliac disease LEONG, Rupert Gastroenterology
MITTAL, Rajat Combined Randomised and Observational Study of Surgery for Type B Ankle Fracture Treatment (CROSSBAT) Protocol HARRIS, Ian Orthopaedics
NAGUIB BADIE, Tamer Perioperative cardiac events for non cardiac surgeries for patients on dual antiplatelet in the year after stent placements JUERGENS, Craig Cardiology
NGUYEN, Tuan Multiparametric risk stratification after acute ST elevation myocardial infarction RICHARDS, David Cardiology
PHAM, Trang Magnetic resonance (MR) biomarkers for therapeutic response prediction in rectal cancer BARTON, Michael Oncology
POTHULA, Sri Stromal tumor interaction of the Pancreatic stellate cells in Pancreatic cancers and their role in metastasis APTE, Minoti Pancreatology
SAAD, Yousef High sensitivity troponin T testing in subjects with suspected or proven coronary heart disease FRENCH, John Cardiology
SHAFIQ, Jesmin Model of estimation of local control and survival benefit of external beam radiotherapy for selected cancers BARTON, Michael Oncology
TAY, Alvin Revising and validating the Harvard Trauma questionnaire REES, Susan Psychiatry
VEERA, Jacqueline The role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in external beam radiotherapy for cervical cancer VINOD, Shalini Oncology
WORTHINGTON, John Non-traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage epidemiology, outcomes and management JALALUDIN, Bin Neurology
XU, Zhihong Stromal-tumor interactions in pancreatic cancer APTE, Minoti Pancreatology
YAU, Yunki Differential peptidome analysis as a response predictor to ani-TNF treatment in fistulizing Crohn's Disease LEONG, Rupert Gastroenterology


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