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Current candidates are participating in projects in a variety of areas across the Clinical Campuses. The following is a list of the current projects and their primary supervisors.


Student Research Area Primary Supervisor(s) Discipline
ACHARYA, Priya Assessing the prevalence and predictors of Patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) in patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a NSW Tertiary Hepatology Centre, using a validated measure Afaf Girgis Gastroenterology and hepatology
ALAZRAG, Weaam The role of High sensitivity troponins, functional assessment and coronary imaging in patients with suspected acute coronary syndromes focussing on those in whom myocardial infarction is neither confirmed or ruled-out John French Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases)
ALBAYATI, Sinan Laparoscopic ventral rectopexy for rectal prolapse: Long term outcomes and its impact on quality of life. Matthew Morgan  Nutrition and dietetics not elsewhere classified
ALHARBI, Abdullah Investigation into the clinical utility of the non-invasive estimation of oxygen delivery and haemodynamic performance in patients undergoing resuscitation in the emergency department. Paul Middleton
Anders Aneman
Emergency medicine / Intensive care / Systems physiology
ALY, Farhannah The utility of a predictive outcome model as a tool for clinical decision making in older patients with Head and Neck cancer. Shalini Vinod
Lois Holloway
Radiation therapy
ASSAD, Joseph Implications of remote monitoring and push-notification prompted heart failure management in patients with CIEDs Hany Dimitri
Dominic Leung
Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases)
BADGE, Helen Improving services and outcomes for joint replacement recipients Ian Harris Orthopaedics
BEGG, Jarrad Investigation into physical and dosimetric properties of a high field inline MRI-Linac Lois Holloway  Cardiovascular medicine and haematology not elsewhere classified
BROOKS, Kostas Investigating the role of high-risk HPV in gasto-oesophageal junctional, cardia and distal gastric cancers Shan Rajendra Medical virology/Oncology and carcinogenesis not elsewhere classified
CHIEW, Kim-Lin Population variations of quality of care in the management of cancer Shalini Vinod
Bin Jalaludin
Public health not elsewhere classified
CHIN, Vicky Identifying risk factors to reduce cardiac morbidity and mortality in patients with breast and lung cancer Geoffrey Delaney
Shalini Vinod
Radiation therapy
CHLAP, Phillip An automated quality assurance of radiotherapy treatment (QART) tool for contour verification Lois Holloway  Cancer therapy (excl. chemotherapy and radiation therapy) / Image processing / Medical physics
CHONG , Serena Comparison of Gut microbiota profile in General Type 2 Diabetes and in Diabetic Foot Disease Namson Lau
Slade Jensen
Gene expression (incl. microarray and other genome-wide approaches) / Endocrinology
CHUNG, Yewon Respiratory and sleep disorders, screening, and clinical epidemiology Guy Marks
Hima Vedam
Respiratory diseases / Epidemiology not elsewhere classified
EDWARDS, Leon Deep learning in Acute stroke imaging Mark Parsons Central nervous system / Artificial intelligence not elsewhere classified
FAOUR, Amir Analysis of transmitted electrocardiograms in out of hospital patients with suspected ST elevation myocardial infarction John French  Clinical sciences not elsewhere classified
FERGUSON, Ian Cardovascular pathophysiology and pharmacology of emergency intubation Anders Aneman
Ian Harris
Emergency medicine
FLORA, Akshay A Biomarker-Driven Approach to Identify Pathogenic Mechanisms and Novel Therapeutic Targets in Chronic Wounds (Pyogenic Gangrenosum) John Frew
Hugh Dickson
Dermatology / Innate immunity / Gene expression (incl. microarray and other genome-wide approaches)
GU, Bonita Therapeutic drug monitoring: Correlation between infliximab and adalimumab trough levels with fistula healing in patients with Crohn's disease Susan Connor Immunology not elsewhere classified
HOSEN, S. M. Novel treatments for pancreatic cancer - targeting the stroma Minoti Apte  Solid tumours
HYASAT, Kais Coronary Physiology in Epicardial, Microvascular and Valvular Heart Disease. Kaleab Asrress
Craig Juergens
Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases)
KANAZAKI, Ria Inflammatory Bowel Disease Susan Connor
Afaf Girgis
Gastroenterology and hepatology
KIM, Andrew Gastroenterology; Inflammatory Bowel Disease Susan Connor
Afaf Girgis
Gastroenterology and hepatology
LAWSON, Andrew Fractures of the distal radius in older patients Ian Harris Orthopaedics
LEE, Riccardo The epidemiology of critically ill patients in urban Australia and the impact of cultural and linguistic diversity on Emergency Medicine. Paul Middleton
Mary-Louise McLaws
Epidemiology not elsewhere classified / Emergency medicine
LIN, Peter Positron Emission Tomography in head and neck cancer Lois Holloway  Nutrition and dietetics not elsewhere classified
LUONG, Shi-Nan The Impact of Medications and Immunometabolic Changes on Outcomes and Quality of Life in Pregnant Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Angela Makris
Sean O'Neill
Autoimmunity / Foetal development and medicine
MACKENZIE, Penelope Geriatric Oncology and Radiotherapy Utilisation in New South Wales Geoffrey Delaney
Claire Vajdic
Cancer therapy (excl. chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
MEKAPOGU, Alpha Raj Novel Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer - Targeting the Stroma Minoti Apte  Solid tumours
MORGAN, Stephen Advanced respiratory mechanics post-lung transplantation. Anders Aneman  Intensive care
PAVLOVIC, Natalie Investigating a problematic trilogy: osteoarthritis, obesity and knee or hip arthroplasty. Justine Naylor  Orthopaedics / Nutrition and dietetics not elsewhere classified
PIPICELLA, Joseph The role of an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)-specific electronic medical record in enhancing health outcomes and care quality & consistency for patients with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative colitis Susan Connor  Gastroenterology and hepatology / Health informatics and information systems
RAKESH, Prateek Activation of CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ Treg with Th2 cytokine Bruce Hall  Transplantation immunology / Autoimmunity
RATTAN, Arti Investigating the role of high-risk Human Papilloma Virus and Epstein-Barr Virus in gastro-oesophageal junctional, cardia and distal (non-cardia) gastric cancer. Shan Rajendra Oncology and carcinogenesis not elsewhere classified / Medical virology / Infectious diseases
SAREEN, Heena Liquid biopsies for the detection of clinically relevant biomarkers in brain cancer Therese Becker Cancer diagnosis / Cancer cell biology
SARKAR, Rohit Pancreatic cancer-related diabetes (PCRD) - novel role of pancreatic stellate cells. Minoti Apte
Chamini Perera
Solid tumours / Endocrinology
SIDHU, Verinder CRISTAL trial - Cluster Randomised Trial of Aspirin Versus Low Molecular Weight Heparin for Venous Thromboembolism in Joint Replacement Surgery. Ian Harris Orthopaedics / Epidemiology not elsewhere classified / Haematology
SUN, Jiacheng Artificial Intelligence System for Guiding Acute Stroke Therapy Mark Parsons
Longting Lin
Central nervous system / Knowledge representation and reasoning
TAN, Thye Yuen The gut Microbiome in healthy, diseased (Barrett's metaplasia-dysplasia-adenocarinoma sequence and post treatment oesophagus Shan Rajendra
Howard Yim
Medical microbiology not elsewhere classified / Oncology and carcinogenesis not elsewhere classified
TANG, Simon Determining toxicity of cancer treatment on cardiac tissue Lois Holloway
James Otton
Oncology and carcinogenesis not elsewhere classified
THOMAS, James Advanced imaging and machine learning techniques for diagnosis and prognosis of subcortical ischaemic stroke Mark Parsons  Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases) / Central nervous system
TRIEU, Steven Overcoming drug resistance and improving survival in multiple myeloma by targeting protein degradation pathways Silvia Ling
Tara Roberts
VO, Thi The implications of post myocardial infraction remodelling on atrial and ventricular arrhythmias Hany Dimitri
Liza Thomas
Nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition
WILSON, Brooke Understanding the utility of chemotherapy and targeted treatments for cancer in high as well as low and middle-income countries Michael Barton
Sallie Pearson
Cancer therapy (excl. chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
WORTHINGTON, John Non-traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage epidemiology, outcomes and management Bin Jalaludin
Dominic Leung
Neurology and neuromuscular diseases / Epidemiology not elsewhere classified
WU, Verena Developing a culturally appropriate self-management resource for Chinese-Australian cancer patients (WeCope). Afaf Girgis Mental health services / Decision making / Multicultural, intercultural and cross-cultural studies
YUEN, Johnson Multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional guidance on rigid and deformable image registration: providing practical solutions to technical and process challenges Shrikant Deshpande Lois Holloway Medical physics / Radiation therapy / Image processing

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