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Role: Professor Field: Epidemiology, Surgery, Orthopaedics
Research Interests: My main area of research interest is in determining the true effectiveness of surgical interventions. To achieve this, I apply rigorous scientific studies such as randomised...
Role: Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Role: Head of Department, Rheumatology, Liverpool Hospital
Dr Geraldine Hassett joined the Liverpool Hospital Rheumatology Department as a Visiting Medical Officer in Rheumatology in 2003, after returning from St Thomas’s Hospital in London where she had...
Role: Adjunct Lecturer
Role: Lecturer (Conjoint)
Role: Professor
Professor Ken Hillman is the Professor of Intensive Care at the School of Clinical Medicine, UNSW Medicine and Health, South West Sydney Clinical Campuses, Discipline of Critical Care, University of...
Role: Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Role: Administrative Assistant
Role: Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Role: Senior Staff Specialist
Dr Ivan Ho Shon is a Senior Staff Specialist in the Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET, Prince of Wales Hospital and Conjoint Senior Lecturer of the University of New South Wales and has been...


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