South Western Sydney Clinical School


In all Clinical years, SWSCS students will be accessing the Ingham Institute Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre which is managed by UNSW. You are encouraged to make a time to meet the Centre staff, and to familiarise yourself with the layout of the facilities. 

Agreement to Use the Centre

In the Centre you will be using extensively many of the artificial simulators and mannikins which mimic the clinical situation applicable to the skill you are learning. This Centre is fortunate to have one of the most comprehensive ranges of basic equipment in NSW. It is a requirement of the Centre that all students sign an agreement to treat the equipment as instructed, and with the care and consideration as you would a patient in your care. Wilful or deliberate misuse of the equipment will result in payment being required for its replacement.

Borrowing of Equipment

At times you may wish to access a piece of equipment, video or other learning tool to develop your competence at a skill related to your clinical or teaching program. You are welcome to arrange this with Centre staff, however it is a requirement that students swap some valuable item, such as student card, drivers licence, etc for the required teaching resources. Only in limited circumstances will students be able to take resources out of the Centre.


It is recommended that students do not bring valuables into the Centre, or that you are prepared to care for them during your sessions. Day use lockers are available for larger items. 

A number of skills that will be taught in conjunction with particular domains thoughout the year. These include skills in Health Maintenance and in Society and Health subjects. 

This clinical year provides the opportunity for a broad base of basic clinical technical skills to be learnt, and confidence and competency developed in their clinical practice. The skills taught are largely those which are required in the Clinical Skills Acquisition (White) booklet.

A range of skills will be developed during Phase 3 while at SWSCS; along with some where evidence of having performed the skills is also recorded. More information on each is available on this page. 

Key Contacts

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