South West Sydney Clinical Campuses

Ian Webster Medal

This Medal, named in honour of the inaugural School Clinical Associate Dean, Professor Ian Webster, was instituted in 2007 as a means of recognising outstanding performance by a student studying medicine, surgery and critical care terms in south western Sydney.

Ian Webster

Each year this medal is presented to the student who achieves the highest grades in the final year barrier examinations. Recipients of the award to date include:

2007 Darshika Christie-David
2008 Timothy Eviston
2009 James Lee
2010 Catherine Tang
2011 Benjamin Nham
2012 Joanna Connolly
2013 Mico Chan
2014 David Chandrakumar
2015 Kamal Singh
2016 Stephanie Naim
2017 Durga Chandran
2018 Bonita Gu
2019 Sumedh Jayanti
2020 Georgia Zeng
2021 Lucy Liu


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