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The major research interests of the Pancreatic Research Group include alcohol-induced pancreatic injury, pancreatic stellate cell biology, pancreatic fibrosis and tumour-stromal interactions in pancreatic cancer. The Pancreatic Research Group has been consistently supported by the NHMRC/DVA for over 25 years and has also received grant support from the Australian Research Council and the Cancer Council of New South Wales. The Group is internationally acknowledged as the leading research group in the field of alcoholic pancreatitis and pancreatic fibrogenesis. This Group was the first in the world to develop a method to isolate and culture pancreatic stellate cells (PSCs), now established as key effector cells in pancreatic fibrosis. This technique provided a much needed in vitro model for research into the pathogenesis of pancreatic fibrosis, and has provided impetus for worldwide studies on stromal biology in chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The international recognition of the Group’s work is reflected in the over 3400 citations of its papers and in the invitations that the Group’s members have received to speak at international meetings worldwide. The impact of the Group’s research is also reflected in the visits to the PRG laboratory by overseas scientists for training and in the collaborations established with renowned researchers in Australia as well as in the United States, UK and Germany.

Higher Degree Candidates
  • Zhihong Xu: Stromal-tumor interactions in pancreatic cancer
  • Sri Pothula: Stromal-tumor interaction of the pancreatic stellate cells in pancreatic cancers and their role in metastasis

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